Human rights…

Human rights: something everyone think everyone should have, but also something a lot don’t get.

People are oppressed because the oppressors ignore their human rights. Three of the biggest human rights advocates were Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. All three came from oppressed groups (since they were coloured), they also wanted equality. They were active during the same century but never had the chance to “work” together.I think most activist movements occur after something big has happened, for example after a war. Another movement for human rights was for example the suffragette movement, for women’s rights.

People commit injustice to others because of fear, hate and many other reasons. The reason people do so have probably not changed a lot throughout history. We still have racism, sexism, class difference (rich and poor), just like our ancestors had hundreds of years ago.


today we read two poems

The Naming of Cats and Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf, two completely different poems, written by two completely different writers. They did live during the same half century though. And both lived in England, at least for a while. I am obviously talking about Roald Dahl and T. S. Eliot.


These poems where both playful and fun to read. I did prefer “TRRHATW “ since I already knew the story. And well the fun part with it was that the ending was changed.

I think the narrator in TNOC is obviously the author, he probably hd plenty of cats. But it the other poem I think it is the hunter from the original story (the one that kills the wolf).


  1. Which artist do you think has been most important for music in the last ten years?


So i have to write 2 paragraphs about who I think has been the most important music artist these 10 past years. I don’t really know why anyone would ask a 15yo ,who has barely lived on this earth and can’t really remember what it was like 10 years ago. But if you really want my opinion…


BEYONCÉ IS QUEEN AND HAS BEEN QUEEN SINCE 2002- 3 (when she started her carrier). I mean seriously its Beyoncé!!! Who doesn’t like her? Now sit down and listen to Crazy in Love. I mean seriously she SLAYS!

So you asked me which artist has been most important. Well I say Queen B. And well… she still is.


I didn’t really like the movie. Normally, I like movies set in that time period. But it was quite hard to follow and understand what happened. Because of the language use and the fact that all the men in the movie looked exactly the same. I do think I understood a bit more than the others because I’d studied the play and the language last year. The activities we did prior to the movie helped a bit, helped me get a hang of it again. I really like the actors in the movie. Especially Marion Cotillard (lady Macbeth), though her accent was annoying and extremely fake (she’s french). David Thewlis who is one of my favourite actors was great. I think what i liked the least about the movie was the fact that we couldn’t really recognise the characters.

I’m just wondering, why we didn’t read the play? Because the whole point of studying Shakespeare and his language is reading his plays.

Letter to a president

Dear Mr Trump

During the next four years, the fate of the United States of America is in your hands.

As a millennial, I am not exactly pleased with the choice most people from older generations made. But please could you consider my advises.

Don’t make abortion illegal. Abortion is not a choice you, as a man can make, in any case. Abortion is a woman’s choice. She may want to abort because she was raped or simply does not want children. Maybe she is to young or does not have the economy to have a child. There are so many reasons why a woman would not want to have a child. Abortion is a woman’s choice.

You live in a country that was founded on immigration. If you were to ban all immigrants, all non native Americans would have to move. And that would some immigration problems in other countries. More and more of the people who have immigrated to the U.S, are now leaving, and fewer are coming.

Climate change is very real and is currently going on right now. It will also take a while to stop it because of all the damage we have already done. But if we make some drastic changes now, we may have a chance. Let’s follow the steps of France, ban all plastic cutlery and make it all biodegradable. Plastic pollutes our oceans and hurt our fish. Stop the use of coal and oil (at least increase it) and we will soon feel much better, since we breath in cleaner air. The “little´´things make the biggest changes.

Healthcare is so important. Having health insurance is crucial. Helping others with health problems is such an honorable thing to do. No matter if someone is wealthy or poor, everyone must be able to get the right medication.

Now, gun control. You say everyone should have a gun to “protect´´themselves. However, you wouldn’t need as much protection if guns were illegal. I do hope you see the logic in this.

Once again, please take my advises in consideration.

With Respect,


Humans of Oslo

” We both grew up in the same neighborhood in Geneva, went to the same schools, although I’m originally from Devon in Great Britain and she’s from the Alps. We met in kindergarten, were in the same class in primary school and went to the same secondary school. Now I’m taking my masters in Psychology at the Southeastern Louisiana University. It’s a bit weird not being with my best friend all the time, since I live in the US and she’s doing masters in translation in Geneva… That’s the main reason why we decided to go for a trip, to see each other. We didn’t want to go somewhere too warm and Norway was pretty high on our bucket list so i guess it was a win win for both of us. My dream? I don’t really have a dream or a life goal… I guess finishing my masters, getting a good job and travel around the world would be nice. “